About Us


2008    Guanghzhou Yoko Electron Co.,Ltd was established.


2012    YOKO obtained the invention patent authorization of laser multi line code scanning platform.


2015    YOKO established a biometric research and development project team


2015    The 2D code algorithm was finished. So far, YOKO has mastered the core technology of laser and image 1D and 2D barcode reader.


2017    Guangzhou Donnwe Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd  which is responsible for the biometric scheme, was officially established and put into operation.


2018    YOKO launched a full range of high-speed 2Dl barcode reader products based on global shutter exposure technology. The performance of all products are able to approach the industry's foreign giants.


2019    YOKO began to launch special engine and module products, and supporting SDK and PC software, to establish competitive advantage.


2020    YOKO began to upgrade the whole line of products, stop production of many old products that do not conform to the positioning, and start to take the high-quality line.


2021    Yoko began to set up an industrial manufacturing barcode recognition project team, and began to develop and implement specific industrial code scanning products.