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Field : YOKO is an Internet domain focus on automatic identification technology research and development , manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. Products include : Technical Manual laser , self-induced , wireless, fixed one- dimensional bar code reading instrument ; technical manual image , self- sensing, wireless , fixed one-dimensional , two-dimensional bar code reading instrument ; RFID reader .

Core Team : R & D system by Dr. America , Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics , Chinese Academy of Experts in charge . Production from the field of automatic identification system with 10 years of manufacturing management experience in senior management staff. Marketing system is responsible for marketing by professional personnel with combat experience for 8 years barcode industry. Team set up to follow the rules of the modern high-tech enterprises operate in full accordance with reasonable stock build. The company's core team both have a very strong professional competence , along with a long-term stable and efficient operation of the foundation .

R & D Results : YOKO established that a clear positioning , make an innovation-oriented research and development of high-tech enterprises. Since its establishment has made a number of core technology patents , including patents, SCM software copyright, Design patent ect.. 2010 successfully developed multi-line omnidirectional laser bar code reader , becoming the unique company owns omni-dimensional barcode scanner core technology in China, In May 2013 after the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Experts initial evaluation, has been included in the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of sync , the State Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund project application directory.

Operating Credo : research and innovation, excellent quality , good service is a manufacturing enterprise value of existence . Quality is the cornerstone of existence which determines the fate of the enterprise , whether the enterprise can reach heights. Has an excellent quality capabilities, while concentrated in the industry 's R & D and innovation , strong research and development it may promote a manufacturing companies continue to develop and grow .


In 2008 , the forefront of China's reform and development - land of southern Guangdong ( Canton ) , full of entrepreneurial passion and dreams of four old classmates gathered here, to raise 500,000 yuan to start a business . R&D Team make up of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Dr. &US-based Silicon Valley returned automation technology specialist.

That time, the Chinese market, bar code reading equipment manufacturing industry in the period of rapid increase , less than the demand , bar code readers production and sales profits are high. Many domestic manufacturers began barcode reader design and manufacture the appearance of a large number of different barcode scanners, too busy to make a profit . The YOKO team agreed that , although similar behavior can quickly accumulate capital . But only if long-term production of simple products , do research , then the high-end product is always the monopoly of foreign giants , domestic enterprises can only ever be in the position of a supporting role in the industry . And increased competition , low-tech products , profits will fall sharply , companies will increasingly narrow road . So from the first day of the beginning of entrepreneurship , entrepreneurial team excellent library positioned to focus on research and development and technological innovation.

Since the market or technical development teams are born , after careful analysis and evaluation of the technology industry as a whole product line , they think to do research and development and technological innovation , relying on China's huge market demand and manufacturing advantages , YOKO can embark on a distinguished foreign giants of the road. That is not only the perfect product available to users , but also to meet diverse customer and for the pursuit of cost-effective , and a better user experience and cost-effective product development and expansion of corporate existence is fundamental . R & D and technological innovation since become YOKO labels and features, China automatic identification field can have a " Lunatic Fringe " type of entrepreneurial team . They buried the R & D and technological innovation , with the birth of an invention patents , YOKO created many of the first Chinese automatic identification field:

* The first Enterprise developed Omnidirectional barcode scanner successfully.
* The first enterprise own the invention patent of barcode scanner.
* The first enterprise export to Europe and North America market with independent intellectual property rights.
* The first enterprise for foreign capital giant challenge and competition in the Chinese & European markets

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